Tesco puts security tags on milk as cost of living crisis ‘sparks spate of thefts’

Tesco shoppers were left stunned when they found milk containers had security tags on them today.

At least three milk bottles at the Tesco Extra in Pool, Cornwall, had individual security tags.

Security tags are normally seen on bottles of alcohol and more expensive items, which trigger an alarm if not removed before leaving the store.

Staff are the ones who remove the tags after the items are paid for.

It is thought the milk was tagged after that specific shop had seen thefts of milk a staff member told CornwallLive.

A staff member also reportedly told this to a customer.

A Tesco spokesperson has denied this and said it was down to “human error”.

They added that a small amount of milk at the Pool store had been incorrectly tagged and the tags had since been removed.

It comes as supermarkets have been forced to put security tags on foods like cheese and Lurpak as shoppers have been driven to shoplift by the cost of living crisis.

Households will see their yearly food shopping bills hiked by £380 this year due to the soaring price of groceries.

Figures from analysts Kantar show that grocery price inflation jumped to 8.3% over the four weeks to June 12.

That is an increase on 7% in May, and the highest level since April 2009.

The rising cost of food, combined with increases in energy bills, petrol and the general cost of living, has led supermarkets to add more anti-theft devices to food.

These gadgets set off alarms if not removed by supermarket staff before a consumer leaves a store.

They are normally found on high-value meat, alcohol and cosmetics, but are now being fitted to things like butter and cheese as the cost of living escalates.

Tesco today became the latest supermarket giant to limit the number of eggs its customers can buy owing to supply issues facing the retail giant.

Those getting their shopping from the UK’s biggest supermarket are now temporarily limited to buying three boxes of eggs, despite early claims it had “good availability”.

The decision follows similar moves by Lidl – which also has a three-box limit to customers – and Asda which has a two-box restriction.

The measure was taken as a “precaution” by the firm as it continues to work with supply partners.

Rival firms, including Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, are yet to put any restrictions on their supply of eggs.

A Tesco spokesperson told The Mirror: “We do not have a policy to place security tags on fresh milk.

“A very small amount of milk was incorrectly tagged today in our Redruth Extra store and these tags have now been removed. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”